What to bring

When packing, remember to dress appropriately for the season, the activities we will be doing, the beach, and downtime. Dress on the island is normally very casual with few exceptions. For excavating, please also bring long pants and long sleeve shirts. If you are not used to the Caribbean sun, long pants and sleeves protect you! This might seem ‘too hot’ to work with in the field, but people get serious sunburns really easily here! Also bring a hat, good shoes for digging/hiking, swimwear, sunscreen, a backpack, insect repellent, and any medications you may need. Electrical outlets on Statia are the same as in the US, so you might need a converter. We have all the excavation materials you need, but if you prefer, you can bring your own trowel.  We have plenty of bedding at SECAR, but please bring your own towels. If you like to snorkel and/or scuba dive, you can bring your own equipment. This is also available for rent at the local dive shops.

Please keep in mind that the flight to Statia is in a small Winair Twin-Otter 18-seater plane, which is sometimes not able to bring all luggage to Statia at once. Sometimes, your luggage will arrive on the next flight, so make sure to have all essentials in your carry-on luggage.