We can provide accommodation to 6 people in a spacious dorm with an attached bathroom. Our building has a fully-equipped kitchen, a sitting areas, a lab area, an office, a large porch and yard, and plenty of storage space. It is also equipped with a washing machine, Wifi throughout the building, and a library. From the porch you can enjoy beautiful views of the sea.

Our vehicle is a Toyota Land Cruiser, which we obtained through grants from the Regeling KulturA and the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds in 2011. It can handle any type of terrain on the island, and can transport up to 13 people.

We have a large set of excavation and laboratory equipment, including basic excavation-, documentation-, and lab tools, a total station, GPS, and cameras. For underwater research we have an underwater camera and a Starfish 452F side scan sonar.

Our library is filled with books, articles, magazines and reports on the history and archaeology of St. Eustatius and the Caribbean, artifact identification, and archaeological methods and theory. We also have hundreds of non-archaeology books.